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Meryl Streep Gets Lifetime Achievement Award at Golden Globes

At the 2017 Golden Globes in Los Angeles Meryl Streep – one of America’s best ever screen actresses received a lifetime achievement award. Well deserved however some would argue that this achievement was somewhat tarnished when she used her acceptance speech as a soap box to attack Donald Trump. This was a bit of a trend on the night, however her tirade was by far the most vociferous and led Donald Trump to take to Twitter in response calling her “One of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood”.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion however we feel that this political rhetoric is now going a bit over the top and somewhat overshadowed what was a great evening cumulating with the record-breaking haul of seven Golden Globes awarded to the nostalgic (and in our opinion Fantastic) musical La La Land.

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You can see the whole speech below

Katie Price Tells It Like It Is

Katie Price (AKA Jordan) is not renowned for her critical observations however her recent comments regarding Victoria Beckham’ s statement in Harper’s Bazaar where she alludes to the fact that she represents the general woman in the street was a rare lucid moment for her and rather amusing to boot.

Victoria clearly seems to have forgotten that the average UK or US woman is not a size 6 and unless healthy eating and regular exercise is made compulsory they never will be.

However we do think that she could have been a little more tactful with her comments as you can judge from her comments published in The Sun Newspaper:

‘I think all this Californian sunshine is sending Posh senile because she is a size 6, and if she’d read the papers this week she would know that the general public like eating pasties and the average British woman is a size 16. They can’t afford Posh’s £1,000 dresses let alone fit into them.’