New Bond Movie Skyfall Due late 2012

Despite disappointing somewhat with the last Movie “Quantum of Solace” Bond is back later this year with Skyfall which will hopefully get the franchise back on track. This will be the 23rd Bond Movie.

The Full Press Conference interview is below together with the teaser trailer which they hope will tempt us all to indulge in the Popcorn experience.

Press Conference


The action is scheduled to start on 9th November 2012.

Katie Price Tells It Like It Is

Katie Price (AKA Jordan) is not renowned for her critical observations however her recent comments regarding Victoria Beckham’ s statement in Harper’s Bazaar where she alludes to the fact that she represents the general woman in the street was a rare lucid moment for her and rather amusing to boot.

Victoria clearly seems to have forgotten that the average UK or US woman is not a size 6 and unless healthy eating and regular exercise is made compulsory they never will be.

However we do think that she could have been a little more tactful with her comments as you can judge from her comments published in The Sun Newspaper:

‘I think all this Californian sunshine is sending Posh senile because she is a size 6, and if she’d read the papers this week she would know that the general public like eating pasties and the average British woman is a size 16. They can’t afford Posh’s £1,000 dresses let alone fit into them.’

Mariah Carey Puts a Little Sizzle Into X-Mas

The Lovely Mariah Carey has given men around the world an early X-Mas treat by donning a rather nifty Santa suit in the video for the Duet re-release of her classic X-mas Number “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. It also features Justin Bieber who still looks young enough to be a Santa Believer especially given he seems more interested in the 3DS consoles.

Watch and Enjoy

Kelly Clarkson Back On Form With New Single Mr. Know It All

Kelly Clarkson the original American Idol is back on form with her latest single taken from the studio album “Stronger”, is a slight change of pace from some of her other songs but the soulful vocals and the piano and drums make it rather catchy; somewhat reminiscent of a young Tina Turner.

She performed it live on “The View” looking kinda cute with a pony tail in a figure hugging dress. The spikey bracelet looked a bit frightening though.

The official video is pretty cool too

We are looking forward to hearing the rest of the album which is out now.

Lady Gaga Interview – Very Amusing

Lady gaga appeared on the BBC’s Grahan Norton Show Last night and she was rather good with some nice one liners including the meat dress now being jerked for posterity. Anyway here is a clip to enjoy.

We will look forward to seeing her tomorrow live at the BBC Big Weekend

Lady Gaga Wows Carlisle At The BBC Big Weekend

Lady Gaga lived up to the hype big style as she put on a tremendous performance at Sundays BBC Big Weekend in Carlisle. Arriving fashionably late as befits musics biggest and brightest Diva she proceeded to wow the fans with a few of her biggest hits and a cool medley, before treating the older generation to some surprisingly good Jazz which exemplified her considerable talent. Finishing off with songs from her latest album was the icing on the cake and rounded off the performance of the festival in great style.


So captivated were the audience that during some of her songs the crowd were almost silent, something which almost never happens, and her emotion was almost touching at times.


Well I never thought we would end up gushing fans but all we can say is thank you Lady Gaga for lighting up Carlisle afor an hour.


BBC are showing the highlights tonight on BBC 3 and no doubt You Tube will soon be abuzz with clips. Our advice is go watch them and we will have some posted here real soon.


Oh and by the way the rest of the festival was great too!!